Making Offerings, Marking Time

These ceramic vessels and mosaic works are born out of an accumulated history–both geological and human. They speak a universal language as metaphorical libation ewers, amphora, canteens, flasks and offering bowls, shields and portals for spiritual healing, protection and survival.

The vessel is one of the most humanitarian icons as it symbolizes physical and spiritual sustenance, celebration, initiation and healing. The mosaics are rooted in creation and destruction cycles observed in both the studio process and in the natural and cosmic world we inhabit.

My work in ceramics these past three decades reflect a growing understanding of the relevance of sacred myths of many cultures, beyond our contemporary bias, which demonstrate the fertile and life sustaining balance of opposing forces in nature. My ceramic work is a kind of literal alchemy through earth, water, air, and fire from fossil fuels and prairie grasses that conspires to create vessels and objects reflecting beauty of earth, sea and sky.

The titles refer to my interest in archetypes and my own personal cycles of marking time through solar, lunar and other celestial observations. These art objects are themselves offered as reminders of spiritual sustenance, celebration, initiation and survival.

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